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Wella Hair Colour

Hair Colour Perfection

From bold colour transformations to iced blonde and glossy espresso Wella’s professional hair colour gives you the best results. Let’s get together… book a complimentary colour consultation with one of our hair colour experts. And be coloured to perfection.

Hair Colour Menu

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Full Head Semi Permanent (short)£40£42£44£46
Full Head Semi Permanent (medium)£46£49£53£57
Full Head Semi Permanent (long)£52£55£59£63
Full Head Permanent (short)£50£55£56£65
Full Head Permanent (medium)£55£60£62£70
Full Head Permanent (long)£65£70£66£80
Partial Colour Semi Permanent £25£28£28£28
Partial Colour Permanent £32£32£32£30
Full Head Root Retouch Semi Permanent£32£34£36£38
Full Head Root Retouch Permanent£42£44£46£48
Half Head Root Retouch Semi Permanent£28£30£32£34
Half Head Root Retouch Permanent£30£32£34£36
Parting Root Retouch Permanent£25£28£28£28
Root Retouch & Colour Refresh (short)£52£54£56£56
Root Retouch & Colour Refresh (medium)£58£60£62£64
Root Retouch & Colour Refresh (long)£63£64£66£68
Illumina Root Retouch£46.20£48£50.50£53
Toners (with a service)£20£25£25£25
Toners (standalone) (from)£25£30£35£35
Glossing/Cleansing (short)£20£20£20£20
Glossing/Cleansing (medium)£25£25£25£25
Glossing/Cleansing (long)£30£30£30£30
Packets (per foil)£3£3£3£3
Half Head Foils (short)£62£64£66£68
Half Head Foils (medium)£68£70£72£74
Half Head Foils (long)£75£78£81£83
Whole Head Foils (short)£80£82£84£86
Whole Head Foils (medium)£85£89£94£98
Whole Head Foils (long)£94£99£106£114
Bleach Regrowth£62£65£67£69
Bleach Full Head (from)£85£90£95£100
Balayage / Ombre TonerPrice on appointment
Balayage / Ombre TintPrice on appointment
Colour CorrectionPrice on appointment
Colour ChangePrice on appointment

Book your appointment...

Hair Colour Booking

All colour services require a skin test 48 hours prior to your appointment. If Illumina Colour is required please add 10% extra to the above prices. Colour & Curl services do not include a Cut & Finish. Please be aware there may be an additional charge for our colour services on very long/thick hair – your stylist will advise you of this in your consultation.

Please be aware by law we cannot give a colour service to clients under the age of 16.


We always aim to give you the highest level of service, so your appointment is reserved just for you and what you wish to achieve that day.

While we completely understand that occasionally you may need to change your appointment we do ask for at least 48 hours' notice so we can rebook that time slot with another client. If you do not let us know within 48 hours we will take a deposit on all your future bookings.

Your appointments are very important to us - we look forward to seeing you and thank you for your understanding.

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