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Hair Cutting & Styling

Our highly experienced team offers the perfect blend of precision cutting and high performance sassy styling. Let’s get together. Book a complimentary consultation and be styled to perfection.

Ladies' Cutting & Styling Menu

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Cut & Finish£39£46.50£50.50£55
Restyle (from)£46£53£58£64.50
Blowdry (short)£23£25£27£29
Blowdry (medium)£26£28£30£32
Blowdry (long)£29£32£35£38
GHD Straighten (from)£10£10£10£10
GHD Curls (from)£20£20£20£20
Fringe Trim*£2.50£2.50£3£3

*Enjoy a complimentary fringe trim if you’re a regular client.

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Perming & Straightening

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Partial Perm (per roller)£2.50£2.50£2.50£2.50
Whole Head Perm (short)£68£70£72£74
Whole Head Perm (medium)£80£82£84£86
Whole Head Perm (long)£90£94£98£102
Global Keratin (from)£145£150£160£160

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Enjoy a Cut, Finish & Perm with Ellie every Tuesday & Wednesday for just £88

Gent's Cutting & Styling Menu

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Cut & Finish£24.50£29£29-
Whole Head Clipper£15£15£15£15

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Children's Cutting & Styling Menu

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Babies (0-1 yr) *free if mum comes to salon£6£6Price on appointment-
Toddlers (2-5 yr)£10£10£10£10
Boys Dry Cut (6-12 yr)£14£14£14-
Boys Wet Cut (6-12 yr)£16£16£16-
Girls Dry Cut (6-12 yr)£18£18£18£18
Girls Wet Cut (6-12 yr)£22£22£22£25
Girls Cut & Finish (6-12 yr)£25£25£25£38
Girls Wet Cut (11-15 yr)£26£26£26£26
Girls Cut & Finish (11-15 yr)£38£38£38£38
Girls Restyle (11-15 yr)£44£44£44£44
Additional Styling (from)£6£6Price on appointmentPrice on appointment

Special Occasions Menu

 GraduateStylistSenior StylistPrincipal Stylist
Wedding Hair (per hour)£75£70£75£75
Prom Hair£46£46£54£56
Child Hair Up£35£40£45£45
Party Hair£45£40£50£54

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We always aim to give you the highest level of service, so your appointment is reserved just for you and what you wish to achieve that day.

While we completely understand that occasionally you may need to change your appointment we do ask for at least 48 hours' notice so we can rebook that time slot with another client. If you do not let us know within 48 hours we will take a deposit on all your future bookings.

Your appointments are very important to us - we look forward to seeing you and thank you for your understanding.

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